We’re thrilled that we had the opportunity to work with Team Locals, who were a real asset to Snows BMW. They created a range of high-quality marketing material which undoubtedly assisted the promotion of our events to a wide audience. Our sincere thanks goes to Team Locals — we look forward to seeing what you’re up to next!
— Snows BMW marketing team


Sometimes, we collaborate with local lifestyle brand Love Southsea on their promotional projects — the work they did with Snows BMW to market the environmental credentials and family-friendliness of the electric BMW i3 was one such project.

Step one: initial photography

Working with the schedules of team members at Love Southsea and Snows BMW, we arranged a series of on-location shoots at recognisable spots around Portsmouth, featuring both the BMW i3 and people wearing Love Southsea clothing.

We featured models of various ages to highlight the family-friendliness of the BMW i3, and tied the shoots in with general Love Southsea clothing photoshoots so that Love Southsea's online lookbooks and social media posts could seamlessly feature the electric car.

We also took photos of a branded BMW i3 when it took up a spot at a Love Southsea Market, encouraging shoppers and visitors to check it out.

Step two: initial filmmaking

We arranged a few more shoots, for short films this time around. Aerial videos offered viewers a unique perspective of well-known places in Portsmouth and Southsea, with the BMW i3 featured front and centre. These videos were published across the social media streams of Love Southsea and Snows BMW, and were seen by thousands of people in Portsmouth and the wider region of Hampshire.


With the photography and short films successfully captured, it was time to write some copy for a dedicated BMW i3 page on the Love Southsea website, and for Love Southsea's social media profiles. We based the copy around common Portsmouth commutes, be it to the beach with the family, around the thin winding streets of Portsmouth, and out of the city to places of work off of the island.

We also highlighted the environmental benefits of using an electric car, especially in an oft-congested city prone to problems borne of pollution. All of this copy and information was tailored to respective social media platforms, and a content calendar created.