Print Design Services

The Study Portsmouth

The Study needed a poster to promote a succession of Halloween events, so we picked up on a style that wouldn’t look out of place on the corkboard of a haunted common room and rolled with it.

Poster 1.0 Generalized.jpg

Action Stations

“I have used Team Locals a few times now to design various flyers for Action Stations. I have always been thoroughly impressed with the outcome and the design work. I would recommend Team Locals to anyone who is looking for great value, quality work and a friendly personable service from a local business”

— Lauren Mitchell, Events & Learning Executive at Action Stations

Green Deck Operations

Helideck inspection, certification, crew training, and competency building company Green Deck Operations needed a brochure to introduce their educational services to potential new clients and students. We created the following trifold pamphlet:

Southsea Brewing Co.

We created beer bottle labels for Southsea Brewing Co., with an aged rustic theme and references to the sea beset in a range of eye-catching colors.

We also named several of David's beers. ‘Weisscaps’ is our favorite title — a play on ‘weiss’ (or ‘weiß’, German for ‘white’, a style of wheat beer) and ‘whitecaps’ (the foamy crests of waves).

Thundercat Racing UK

When Thundercat Racing UK hit the Southsea shoreline in 2015, they needed an eye-catching, head-turning poster which captured the speedy essence of the exhilarating watersport.

The Atrium

Formerly The Real Cooking Café, The Atrium Café is a bright, airy, inviting eatery sited in the lobby of the Lakeside 1000 office complex. They came to us at Team Locals Media for a new name and a rebrand, plus, posters to display throughout the eatery.

Biola Kudus Professional Boxer

Portsmouth boxer Biola Kudus approached us in 2014 to design the poster for his debut pro fight. We gave it the appropriate amount of distortion and destruction, featured Biola prominently, and threw the Spinnaker Tower and HMS Warrior in the background to honour Biola's pride in his city.

Monty’s Restaurant & Wine Bar

Monty's is a restaurant on Castle Road — just a minute away from the Team Locals offices in the Castle Road clocktower — which was co-founded by Jonathan Montgomery and Darren Swann in February 2016. They pride themselves on offering the finest, most mouthwatering English-style cuisine in Portsmouth.

We turned Darren's idea for the Monty's logo — a gracefully-curving swan, a nod to his surname — into a reality, and provided formats for use across web and print. We also created a series of menus, including a Christmas menu, plus business cards.

Ruby Shoes Events

Ruby Shoes Events have thrown some great parties, with the promise of offering a new way of going out, dining, and getting entertained. Think the London and Brighton cabaret circuits, but right here in Portsmouth. Quirky, vintage, varied, and kitsch. Sumptuous, and fun.

We designed and produced a pair of bright, colorful, exciting, eye-catching posters for two of Ruby Shoes Events' nights out: Show Girl, and the Diva Fever Cabaret. Lighting effects and 3D artwork aplenty were thrown into the design mix for these pieces.

Love Southsea

Over the past few years, we’ve designed countless posters for events firm and locally-inspired merch range Love Southsea. Here’s a handful of the posters we’ve created for them: