Summary of hardware: DSLR camera Canon with EFS 15–85mm Image Stabiliser Ultrasonic, a RØDE microphone, tripod, Gorillapod, 2 iPhones.

Summary of software: Instagram app for iPhone, Tweetbot, Facebook Pages for iPhone, Photoshop CS6, Wordpress, Adobe Lightroom, YouTube, Flickr.

“The event has been commissioned to bring the historic Guildhall Square back to life. We’ve a series of events planned over the coming year for the square and Street Games is the first on the schedule.” — John Sackett, Strategic Events Planner at Big Adventures.

Extreme sports enthusiasts, BMX riders, skaters, free runners, and street artists came together to create a vibrant family-friendly event amongst the urban backdrop of the Guildhall Square.

The event featured a range of local acts of national and international repute such as free runner Mitch Lee, one of the UK’s leading mountain bike display riders Chris Doney, and Effraim Catlow, BMX flatlander king from Southsea Skatepark.

Team Locals documented the first ever Portsmouth Street Games, a collaboration event between the Portsmouth Cultural Trust and Big Adventures.

During the event the team used a number of mediums including fast photography to capture the visually stunning street sports, mobile devices to share and promote the event on social media live, and video to document the event for future publishing and marketing.

Using Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram, we liveblogged the event to the attending public and potential attendees who may not have been aware of the event locally and nationally.