Portsmouth Opportunities Fair

“It is really important to give children an opportunity to broaden their horizons and understand about the variety of different jobs and careers available — particularly when they are younger and more impressionable. Team Locals have created a wonderful showcase film highlighting the importance of these events to the community that will encourage future generations to discover more about the projects.”

— Jacquie Jones, Project Manager for Portsmouth & South East Hants Education Business Partnership Ltd.


The organisers of the Portsmouth Opportunities (‘Opps’) Fair first contacted us in 2014, in the event's fourth year. It's an event aimed at raising the aspirations and expectations of young people by getting them excited about living and working in the city of Portsmouth.

Thousands of children from Portsmouth and wider Hampshire visit every year, and enjoy displays, demonstrations, and interactive workshops, whilst learning about different pathways into careers and getting practical advice from local business leaders.

We've worked with EBP South, the team behind the event, for three years now. In 2014 and 2015, we documented the Portsmouth Opps Fair through short films, and in 2016, we created another video for their TeenTech event.

EBP South actively use the three short films as tools to promote their events to prospective exhibitors and attendees, in meetings and across social media.