Portsmouth Festivities is an annual ten-day celebration of arts, culture, diversity, imagination, music, and heritage, running in June. Team Locals have worked with Portsmouth Festivities since 2013 — three years running — and work around the clock each year in the weeks leading up to the event and during the ten-day stint to write about, promote, and raise awareness of each and every event which falls under the Festivities umbrella.

In 2015, we worked with the Portsmouth Festivities team more closely than ever, to document both the rehearsals and the live performance of the 2015 programme's centrepiece: The Seafarers.

We also documented one of the core performances of the 2014 programme: Mozart Remixed.

Mozart Remixed

Summary of hardware: 2 DSLR cameras (Canon with EFS 15–85mm Image Stabiliser Ultrasonic, Nikon with DX 18-70mm), a RØDE microphone, two tripods, 2 iPhones.

Summary of software: Instagram app for iPhone, Tweetbot, Facebook Pages for iPhone, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop CS6, Wordpress, YouTube, Adobe Lightroom.

“It’s really exciting to have put together these two completely different genres of music” — Sam Gladstone, Director of Music, Portsmouth Grammar School

As part of the 2014 programme, leading artists Chris Bartholomew from the Guildhall School of Music and Drama teamed up with Paul Archibald of the London Mozart Players, Sam Gladstone of Portsmouth Grammar School’s music department, and an ensemble of young local musicians to fuse together the old and the new into something quite spectacular.

This was the first time Team Locals had been at an event with two cameras on the go — Charley had one and was primarily taking care of video, while Jeeves used his mainly for photography. It was interesting to be able to capture multiple angles at the same time and then cut the two perspectives together in post.

Portsmouth Festivities, like last year, have employed us to cover a number of their events, and this was part of our assignment to give them content to promote their future endeavours. The video we produced of the evening will also prove to be a nice addition to the portfolios of those who made Mozart Remixed a reality.

We also used social media heavily during the event, with Instagram shots being uploaded in the lead-up to the performance showing people coming in and the band and DJs setting up, during the event as the music was played and mixed, and after with interviews and photos of those involved.

Sharing Instagram photos to Twitter and Facebook in real-time always gives us the fantastic opportunity to relay the story at the core of the events we document to wider audiences who can’t make it for any number of reasons almost live and to-the-second.

Excitingly, Mozart Remixed garnered something of an international following throughout the night, with DJs and orchestras alike leaving comments, messages, and tweets, or quite simply nodding our way with Likes and retweets. Putting the incredible efforts of the talented individuals and teams behind the performance on a global stage was a huge honour.
See the video and some other media from the evening below.