Monty's is a restaurant on Castle Road — just a minute away from the Team Locals offices in the Castle Road clocktower — which was co-founded by Jonathan Montgomery and Darren Swann in February 2016. They pride themselves on offering the finest, most mouthwatering English-style cuisine in Portsmouth.

We turned Darren's idea for the Monty's logo — a gracefully-curving swan, a nod to his surname — into a reality, and provided formats for use across web and print.

We then designed and built the Monty's website with a booking system for tables, aided Darren and Jonathan in establishing their social media presence, and continue to work with the two of them on their ever-evolving menus and music night posters.

We also covered the February 2016 launch of Monty's on the Team Locals website, and consistently promote their dishes through our social media and in our weekly newsletter.

The business card we created for Monty's gives people the chance to get a free drink!