‘Street Life’ photography competition: the results and our winner

For our sixth monthly photography competition of the year, we encouraged people to get out and capture people living their daily lives on our island city.

As is the case every month, before we get to the winner and runners-up, here’s a selection of the other photos submitted to the competition this month. We’re always impressed by the way Portsmouth’s photographers make our themes their own.

Sebastiano Mandala 2.jpg

Sebastiano Mandala

Martin Ross

katiedartmouth 7.jpg
Screen Shot 2017-07-06 at 13.56.59.png


Sebastiano Mandala 4.jpg

Sebastiano Mandala

The Top Picks

IN THIRD PLACE: Christine Matchett

Telling a story and portraying a sense of life without showing a single face, and anchoring the composition with a familiar but oft-overlooked word painted on the ground. The yellow tones and long scene-setting shadows are cherries on the top of this fantastic photo.


IN SECOND PLACE: Sebastiano Mandala

Using blurred motion to convey a sense of shifting forward through life, from A to B. Strong linear composition, perfectly-balanced, and has an air of grimy rawness at its core.



Paul’s winning photo captures life, the street, and a feeling of rebelliousness. The timing of the shot is fantastic, the perspective is eye-catching, and you can tell Paul has paid attention to the spread of colours in his picture. A worthy winner for our June competition!

Paul has won: