Logo design journey: Neptune Girls

When local dance group Neptune Girls contacted us asking designer Lauren to create a logo for them, we couldn’t wait to get started.

The Neptune Girls are all about empowering and instilling confidence in women, organising dance classes that are a fun alternative to the gym, and creating the ultimate diva workout.

They’re inspired by legendary pop icons, musicals, and cabarets, and are led by dance and gym instructor Carly-Ann Purcell.

In our initial meeting with Carly-Ann, we wanted to get lots of rough ideas — a good starting point for us to create initial designs.

First Stage

She came to us asking for an elegantly ‘girly’ but eye-catchingly strong logo, showing us different designs of sea shells and colour scheme ideas. We were immediately confident that we wanted a sturdy geometric typeface to mirror the empowering ethos of her group, and a beach-inspired blue and peach colour scheme.

I started off with a combination of hand-drawn and vector-based designs, creating a broad range of initial concepts to start forming a feel for the second stage of the design.

Neptune Girls initial logos.png

Second Stage

Carly gave us some great feedback. She liked the colours, but decided that she’d like to see what the shell would look like if it was a smaller element of the overall logo, bringing core focus to the text.

I tried adding a few more nautical objects around the text, including hand-drawn hearts and anchors. This is where I left the script typefaces behind, and focused on the sturdier, more linear modernist fonts.

Third Stage

I eventually decided that the clam was key, so I eschewed the other nautical elements and started refining the clam from a hand-drawn piece into something stronger and more refined. Carly loved it. I also switched up the squarer typefaces for a taller 1920s-esque, injecting confidence into every letter.

Final logo:


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