Filmmaking for Bubble&, Southsea’s exciting new restaurant concept

We’ve been keeping ourselves busy over the past few weeks, planning, producing, shooting, and editing a new video for one of our favourite regional street food traders: Bubble&.

Bubble& first popped up on our radar at the Love Southsea Market, and they quickly became a firm favourite for lunch. Years later, they came to us and asked for a video to support their crowdfunding project. We jumped at the opportunity — mainly for the free food we’d get during filming, of course.

Founders Rupert Smith, who has been a chef for over 25 years, and Marita Leitz, whose background is in business development and sales, started Bubble& with the aim of revolutionising a British classic and putting it back on the menu.

They’ve been serving gourmet bubble and squeaks for the past two-and-a-half years at the most well-regarded street markets and festivals in the UK. “It’s now time for the next chapter,” Marita says. And that next chapter is a restaurant in Southsea, opening in 2017.

The purpose of the video we created for Bubble& was to promote their crowdfunding campaign — they’re looking to curate £100,000 via Crowdcube to get their restaurant concept of the skills, starting out with a debut eatery here in Southsea.

Crowdfunding gives people who love our food and brand an opportunity to become shareholders in our company. We’re offering some amazing rewards, too. Crowdfunding opportunities start at just £10.00.
— Marita Leitz, Bubble& co-founder

The Video

We shot in a range of locations for this video: the Bubble& kitchen in Petersfield, the Love Southsea Market in Palmerston Road, the Shepherds Markets around London, Southsea Beach, Old Portsmouth, the Camber, the My Dog Sighs mural in Fratton (on the side of the Wetherspoon pub), along the stretch of independent eateries in Osborne Road, etc.

Through the video, we promoted Bubble& and its founders, Portsmouth as a prime place for the starting point of a revolutionary new eatery franchise, and the crowdfunding campaign.

The project got us thinking about the diversity of food traders at the Love Southsea Markets, so to finish, here are some highlights for must-eats at next weekend’s market, on Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd April.


traditional polish hot-dogs from

Serving traditional Polish Food, including the biggest and best hot dogs, Heavenly Sausage is becoming a regular at the Love Southsea Market.


Venezuelan arepas

Arepa2Go serve up freshly-prepared arepas: flat, round cornbread made with white corn flour and water forming pockets which can be stuffed with a variety of savory fillings. Healthy, delicious, and unique!



Feed Hot Dog Co. will be serving up their impeccably delicious hot dogs at the Love Southsea Market — vegetarian options included — and for every hot dog sold, they’ll donate a pack of life-saving food to someone in need. Their first shipment back in October 2016 included a whopping 1,224 sachets of life-saving food, delivered to medical centres in Northern Syria. An incredible social food venture. Proud to have these folks at our market ❤️ 🌭



Serving authentic Mexican food with a healthy twist, the Sigala Bros. have got you covered for a tasty treat that’s good for you.


Neapolitan Pizza

Catch a Fire Pizza craft delicious traditional Neapolitan style pizzas using only the best local ingredients. Their pizzas are lovingly made right in front of you, with their very own mobile wood fire oven.


Authentic German bratwurst

Best of the Wurst are a recent addition to the growing community of street food traders at the Love Southsea Market. Serving German bratwurst, currywurst, and gourmet mustard, these guys are becoming a favourite of the market attendees.


Oh, and treat yourself to one of Bubble&’s delicacies, of course!

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