Do I Really Need A Website?

Half the small businesses out there still don’t have a website. When starting up a business, a website may not seem like the primary focus, resulting in your content being strewn inconsistently across social media — not quite the professional look you might be seeking.

The first thing that may be putting you off building a website is cost — why bother, when you can communicate over Facebook or in person for free? We know through experience, though, that a good website saves loads of time and money. Having a central hub where everyone can find out everything about your business is far more effective than responding to the potentially vast number of customers requesting similar things about you through social media.

Websites are also more accessible for customers thanks to their coherence and considered structure — where social media is an ever-evolving story about you and your business, your website summarises everything neatly. A website is both a starting point which leads to social media, and a fallback which social media can link to.

Before we built this — the dedicated Team Locals Media website — we often found ourselves sending the same reply over and over again to swathes of people who weren’t fully aware of our full range of digital media services. Now, the copy and portfolio showcase is in one place, linkable in seconds.

All of those ‘what do you do?’ messages turned into ‘what can you do for us?’ messages.

We created a website for young entrepreneurs 2Sisters, who were building up quite a following on social media, but needed a more professional front to direct customers to. Now, buyers can shop their product range on mobile, tablet, or desktop, and easily contact them for custom orders.

If you already have a website, it’s worth reconsidering whether it represents the face of your business efficiently and effectively. Homemade websites aren’t always necessarily the best route to take. Clients we’ve created websites for have reaped the benefits of going that little step further and upping the quality and functionality of their sites. Our in-house design team make simple, streamlined, responsive websites which get the job done.

Plus, a website is always on, and always accessible, by everyone in the world who has unrestricted Internet access. While you’re going about your daily business — or sleeping! — your site can provide information, strengthen your brand, develop relationships with customers old and new, and take orders for you.

Websites work hand-in-hand with social media. Posting a cute photo of a product on Instagram? Put a link to your site in your bio and tell people to tap through to shop for it. Want to a tell a story that’s too long for an attractive Facebook post? Put it on your site and share the link.

We’re always excited to work with businesses to get their websites and running, including the design, the copy, the hosting, the ecommerce plugins, and everything else you need.