The Importance of Design in Business

‘Good design is good business’ — a mantra every company should be working towards, as the world gets louder and cutting through the noise with design as your secret weapon becomes more and more essential.

Whether you actively seek it out, or take note of it subconsciously, we all appreciate good design — just take a look around you! The electronic device in your hand, the wallpaper in your home, the leaflets you’ve left lying on the counter. They’re all products of design that are currently influencing you in some way.

Design isn’t just skin-deep or all about aesthetics. It goes deeper than the outer appearance of a business. In 2017, the competition to survive and thrive in tough economic times is ever-increasing, and businesses of all sizes need to keep abreast of the next big thing in the realm of visual communication to stay ahead of the pack. Top companies are leading with emotionally-evocative design and branding. For consumers, design often comes ahead of pricing as a buying incentive.

Many people favour the brands they’re loyal to because of their website, logo, colours, mantras, ethos, social media persona, and the positive vibes they elicit and promote. All of these aspects fall under the colourful, diverse, multi-faceted umbrella of design, developing brand awareness and establishing trust and loyalty.

As a constant user of Instagram, I know what it takes for brands to win my follow. If I visit a company’s stream and it’s cluttered, lacks colour, and has no theme, I’ll swipe back and keep scrolling. That’s why, at Team Locals Media, we ensure our clients have clean and attractive social media profiles across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, constantly crafting a follower-friendly, aesthetically-pleasing, storytelling motif. This in turn helps the brands we work with to influence customers and portray the personality they want to adopt. All companies should be striving for this — be they big or small — as all design shapes the loyalty consumers feel towards brands.

Screen Shot 2017-01-10 at 13.10.29.png

A brilliant example of social media creativity and design is Aldi's UK Instagram account. When Jeeves recommended I take a look at it, I thought, ‘why would I want to follow a supermarket?’ But I was pleasantly surprised. The account consists of many individual photos which look great on their own, but together, they create one large flatlay, making Aldi UK’s Instagram stream into a dinner table. It’s a small example of the company’s creative nature which made me smile, lodging Aldi in my brain as a clever, quirky organisation — and, of course, I followed them!

Team Locals’ Instagram is kept fresh, using our own photos and pictures from many other photographers from across Portsmouth. This keeps our follower count rising and our content at the centre of people’s attention. Follow our account here.

Design also affects employees. Workers are likely to be 41% more productive in their role if it includes an element of creative freedom. From our perspective, we can see that — whether it be designing simple graphics for our own social media or rebranding an entire company with logos, websites, and photography — having that element of creativity on our to-do lists increases our work satisfaction massively. That company culture helps us stand out amongst our competitors.

"I have used Team Locals a few times now to design various flyers for Action Stations. I have always been thoroughly impressed with the outcome and the design work. I would recommend Team Locals to anyone who is looking for great value, quality work and a friendly personable service from a local business"

— Action Stations in Portsmouth's Historic Dockyard

Design is vital. In every element of our company, great design shines through, a 'secret weapon' that we pass on to our friends and business contacts when assisting with branding. It’s something we constantly develop, simply because good design is good business.

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