Subtlety and Storytelling on Social Media

Subtlety and Storytelling on Social Media

We say it time and time again: social media is at the core of everything we do. When you put a lot of content out there for people to see, you’ve got to do it in a subtle and respectful way so that they don’t get overwhelmed! Especially if you’re marketing things.

It all comes down to story. Framing things as stories as key. It’s not about trying to hide that you’re trying to sell and promote things: it’s about framing that practice in an interesting, insightful, or helpful way.

Here are some examples of how we introduce subtly to our social media practices, with a strong focus on storytelling!

Team Locals’ April Photography Competition: ‘Colour’

Team Locals’ April Photography Competition: ‘Colour’

Spring is here, and the sun has arrived, making everything in Portsmouth look beautifully bright. For April, we’re taking things back to basics: the theme is ‘Colour’. We want you to get out in the benevolent rays and capture vibrant spectrums of colour!

Find colourful spots across the city and fill the frame with them. Snap splashes of colour at abstract angles — we want the end-of-month gallery to really burst out of the screen!

Six Inspiring Women from the World of Design

Six Inspiring Women from the World of Design

The theme of this year’s International Women's Day is 'Be Bold for Change', and we can think of so many women who fit this description, especially in the design realm — a field which myself and Jeeves are hugely passionate about.

International Women's Day celebrates the social, economical, cultural, and political achievements of women. Here’s a selection of some of the female designers who inspire and influence us on a daily basis.

Team Locals’ March Photography Competition: ‘Old & New’

Team Locals’ March Photography Competition: ‘Old & New’

Portsmouth is renowned for its fascinating history, and is quickly becoming recognised for its cultural growth and modern urbanisation. That’s why, wherever you walk in the city, you see clashes of past and present. It’s attention-grabbing, how many layers you can often see from any one point on our island.

So, ‘Old & New’ is our theme for March!

‘In Pairs’ photography competition: the results and our winner

We had precisely 88 entries to our ‘In Pairs’ photography competition in February — none of them featured two fat ladies, though. Choosing a winner was even tougher than ‘Fresh Starts’ back in January. But the four of us whittled it down to one victor. Their prizes?

Before we get to the winner, let’s take a look at some of the February entries. None of which contain the Eiffel Tower, no matter how many times you misread it as ‘In Paris’. The talent we’ve seen over the past four weeks has week remarkable:

The swans!

Where better to start capturing pairs than with the very bird whose necks come together to form love hearts? Here’s a selection of shots of the Canoe Lake swans we got through this month:

Sarah Ann Brown


Bailey Williamson

Dave George Cooper

In Pairs

Dawn Roberts

Corina Harvey

Leon Slater

Charlotte B. — pairs of pears!

Claire Messenger

Dave George Cooper 5.jpg

Dave George Cooper

James Brand

The Top Picks

In Third Place: Alex Slator

January’s overall winner hopped back into our top picks section this month with this fantastic capture of a man and man’s best friend taking a leisurely stroll down the seafront, on the path snaking between Southsea Castle and the Castle Field battlements.


In Second Place: Paul Watt

Cute candid couple, sharp architectural geometry, and nautical references in the spinnaker-shaped streetlights, millennium walk anchor crest, and glimpses of harbour water. This street shot from Paul Watt is wonderful.


In first place, this month’s winner: Johnny Black!

It’s not just that this is a beautiful and unique perspective of the Royal Garrison Church in Old Portsmouth, or that Johnny has captured the sun casting a pleasingly long shadow across its roof — it’s the perfectly-placed and expertly-composed candid couple, and the second pair in the photo: two slits in the spire’s shadow cut out by its windows. A well-deserved February victor. Follow Johnny Black on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and pay a visit to his website »

Why video marketing is essential in 2017

Why video marketing is essential in 2017

Video marketing is one of the leading forms of advertising, and has been for several years. If you’ve yet to start promoting yourself with video, you’ve fallen behind. Facebook feeds, Twitter timelines, Instagram streams, Snapchat stories, YouTube channels, and many other platforms are awash with an endless reel of video content.