GoPro Face: The Next Video Revolution

Nowadays, a lot of the video content we see online is overproduced. It can be refreshing to strip stuff back to its rawest form so that viewers are closer to the story. Here at Team Locals Media, we’ve come up with a way to do just that: GoPro Face.

You’ve seen GoPro videos hundreds of times, but have you ever seen unedited GoPro videos? Unlikely. GoPro Face is a patented media production technology whereby we capture the moment the camera operator starts recording.

Typically, GoPro Face showcases the genuine reaction a filmmaker has to looking down at their GoPro, trying to work out whether it’s recording, while they chins protrude unflatteringly and the low light chisels the folds with strong contrast and clarity.

Here is a gallery of Team Locals Media demonstrating GoPro Face: