Perfect. Thank you for all your hard work on this. We think you’ve done a super job!
— Bubble&

An idea that sprung to life after 20 years’ dedication to fine restaurant and pub kitchens from London to Melbourne (with some European stops along the way), the tweaking of bubble and squeak into a delectable concept become Rupert and Marita's passion.

Of the back of huge customer demand, and a number of years conquering the street food market place, the team made the decision that it was time to open a restaurant.

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Creating a showcase film for a £100,000 crowdfunding project

In February 2017 Bubble& approached us to create an visually enticing video that would help launch their restaurant crowdfunding project at an exclusive invite only event, be used on their official crowdfunding campaign with Crowdcude, and that could be distributed far and wide to new and existing customers via social media and mailing lists.

Rupert & Marita wanted the video to showcase some of their unique dishes, the origin of food sourced for their menu, and the team behind the business — highlighting their expert knowledge and skills.

We filmed around the south coast of England and specifically around Southsea in Portsmouth as this was to be the chosen location for the new restaurant. Both Rupert and Marita read pre-defined scripts for the video presenting their vision and passion for the future of Bubble&. 

We also used some of the area's landmarks and street art to help showcase the vibrancy of the location, including some of local artist My Dog Sighs' work.

It was also important to show in detail the ingredients, preparation of dishes, and the exciting finished dishes to evoke viewers and potential investors for the business.

All footage was captured in broadcast quality high definitional and delivered suitable for a range of platforms including online and social media.