I worked with Team Locals to create a series of high-impact posters for upcoming boxing fights — including my first pro-fight. I found that the team were great at interpreting the vision that I had in mind for each design. The end result was a series of posters that really stood out from the crowd, and that helped my team to generate ticket sales and ongoing awareness. I would highly recommend Team Locals to anyone looking to raise the image profile of their brand.
— Biola Kudus


Portsmouth boxer Biola Kudus approached us in 2014 to design the poster for his debut pro fight. We gave it the appropriate amount of distortion and destruction, featured Biola prominently, and threw the Spinnaker Tower and HMS Warrior in the background to honour Biola's pride in his city.

When Biola got in touch again a few months later to create a poster for his second pro fight, we kinda went crazy. Adobe CC became less of a software suite and more of a flamethrower as we burned up the text with wisps of fire and red-hot colors, and we filled the background with explosions. And a destroyer. And a helicopter. And missiles.

For the third poster, we took inspiration from more traditional boxing posters of yesterdecades — neater, more linear, but still featuring a nod to Portsmouth with a silhouette of the Spinnaker Tower.