I have used Team Locals a few times now to design various flyers for Action Stations. I have always been thoroughly impressed with the outcome and the design work. I would recommend Team Locals to anyone who is looking for great value, quality work and a friendly personable service from a local business.
— Lauren Mitchell, Events & Learning Executive at Action Stations


Action Stations, situated in Portsmouth Historic Dockyard, do an incredible job of engaging young people with maritime and naval history — legacies which are key to Portsmouth's past. They commissioned us to create a series of posters promoting a number of their events, starting with their World War II Weekend activities in March 2016 (pictured above, left).

This poster was also printed as a flyer, and we designed the rear as a list of other Action Stations events (above, right), two of which we also designed posters for (below): Museums at Night and Ninja Force!. All our designs were featured in Action Stations and at other dockyard and city attractions as posters and flyers, and featured on Action Stations' social media — we also provided squared Instagram-ready versions of the designs.

At the core of each poster is a simple vector rendition of the Action Stations façade, around which the specific theme of the event is built. World War II Weekend features wartime aircraft, familiar propaganda figures, and a Union Flag backdrop. Museums at Night is dotted with stars and darker twilight-esque colors. And Ninja Force! is invaded by, well, ninjas!

Other little details included the Tudor Crown from the iconic Keep Calm and Carry On posters, and the miniature obstacle course in in the Ninja Force! typography.